Spare Parts

User and Engineer fitted spares for the Tweeny Range.

Engineer Fitted Spare Parts

Part NumberDescriptionPrice £Part Page
20762Westminster Control
109.28Buy Now
Stainless Steel PlugStainless Steel Plug12.60Buy Now
20795Westminster Electronic Relay28.72Buy Now
70206199M6 25mm Alan screws for sink bush assembly (4 required)0.18
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70706199M6 20mm Alan screws for sink bush assembly (4 required)0.11
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72106199M6 35mm Alan screws for sink bush assembly (4 required)0.40
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Sink Outlet Seal5.09Buy Now
90002777Buttress tooth repair kit for Mayfair and Chelsea.15.81Buy Now
90090011Capacitor for Mayfair and Chelsea18.06Buy Now
90190143Easy Push Air Switch63.08
Buy Now
90090009Mayfair Pneumatic Start Switch19.09
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90090012Mayfair Pneumatic Start Switch Retaining Nut0.60Buy Now
90090040Carrier Seal4.49
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90002124Silent Mount10.76Buy Now
90002663Carrier Plate8.06Buy Now
90002761Canopy Seal6.80Buy Now
90202712Air tube and Fibre optic link19.39Buy Now
90215353Wall mounted actuator22.44Buy Now
20060Release Key10.40
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