Top of the range continuous feed waste disposal unit complete with our unique actuator.

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  • Automatic Self-Reverse: Faster disposal of even the toughest of food wastes, and a minimum of jamming.
  • Thermal Overload Trip: Gives automatic overload protection with easy access on front of the machine for reset.
  • Electrical Components Separate: Contained in compartment below the motor, tagged for easy replacement, with access via just one screw.
  • Capacitor Start: Means high start torque for effective operation.
  • Slim design: Allows TWEENY to fit in almost any conventional kitchen unit.
  • Rugged Electric Motor: Rated at 3/4 Hp, designed to deliver the power whenever needed.
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing: Top and bottom of the motor for quiet, maintenance-free performance.
  • Push-fit Outlet Elbow: With spigot for dishwasher connection.
  • Double Water Seals with Bleed Off: Gives good warning should the seal fail for any reason.
  • Patented Hook-on Suspension: Allows weight to be taken before fixing, with just one wingnut.
  • Resilient Nitrile Mount: Minimises the transmission of noise or vibration.
  • Carbon Ceramic Water Seal