Westminster – Refurb


New to the Tweeny London range is the Westminster Batch and Continuous feed waste disposal unit. Controlled directly from the sink with no need for remote wall or air switches.

In Batch feed mode the unit is controlled with its ‘Magnitop’ plug, there is no direct access to the grinding chamber providing extra safety and noise reduction, the ‘Magnitop’ plug also seals the sink for other uses and gives unrestricted access to feed larger waste.

In Continuous feed mode with ‘Magnitube’ larger volumes of waste can easily be disposed of in one operation. It is also allows more water to be used when disposing of larger quantities of rice, pasta or other doughy waste. Again the aperture is more restricted for greater safety.




  • Batch and Continuous feed machine.
  • Thermal Overload Trip: Gives automatic overload protection.
  • Capacitor Start: Means high start torque for effective operation.
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing: Top and bottom of the motor for quiet, maintenance-free performance.
  • Push-fit Outlet Elbow: With spigot for dishwasher connection.
  • Carbon Ceramic Water Seal


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